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Sultry brunette Natty Mellow is checking out her stylish haircut as Andrej Lupin’s “Volume” opens. The wannabe rock chick settles down with her guitar, cranking it loud though she can barely play a note. The discordant racket irritates the hell out of her curvy blonde roommate Aislin, who is soon begging her to stop. Natty won’t listen to reason; but gaining the upper hand acts as an instant aphrodisiac, and she suddenly grabs Aislin and kisses her. The guitar is put aside as they embrace ardently. Aislin wrestles Natty’s top off to suck her big, beautiful breasts and unzips her pants, stuffing her hand inside and grinding at her clit before stripping her naked. Natty is wet for her in seconds, her clit stiffening beneath Aislin’s lips. The blonde bombshell’s dress slips off easily as she spanks Natty’s shaven pussy and rubs her palm hard and fast over her clit. Natty kneels at Aislin’s feet and eats her out, thrusting two fingers inside her hole as she cups her clit with her palm. But Aislin just can’t get enough of Natty’s taste and she’s soon back between the brunette’s thighs, fingers fucking her hard, her tongue lapping at her lover’s wet folds. Natty needs more, gripping Aislin’s wrist and guiding her to fuck her harder and harder as she stares deep into the blonde’s eyes. Her loud moans reach a crescendo as she comes hard. For her reward, Aislin grinds on Natty’s face again, fucking herself on her girlfriend’s tongue and then getting fingered frantically until her orgasm bursts through her. Their noisy lovemaking is far sweeter music than anything they can coax from Natty’s guitar.

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